Registration open for our Spring Retreat, April 23-26, 2020


Who's a Ukulele Sassy Lassie?


  • a free-spirit
  • a warped sense of humor
  • a non-judgmental outlook
  • a go-with-the-flow attitude  (i.e. no drama queens!)
  • the passion and stamina to create music for hours on end
  • a birthdate before 1998  (OK, you have to be over 21!)
  • the uke skills to strum from C to G without pause  (if you can’t, get it tight before you show up.  Additional chord family, chord changes won’t hurt either!)
  • an appreciation of beautifully eclectic spaces to jam
  • a love of lush, tropical, southwest old-Florida settings  (this isn't Orlando, but we do love Mickey and Minnie!)
  • the desire to immerse yourself in edgy, underground ukulele culture  (curious, Sassy?!)

Come and join us for 12 unique ukulele sessions, plus nightly jammie jams and optional open mics. April is your month to reward yourself with a lively music-filled weekend you won’t forget. Space is limited to six Sassy Lassie ukulele freaks. If you’ve read this far, then this is YOUR weekend, so register now and snag your spot.


  • Small group dynamics are best for us.
  • By encouraging ownership and participation, sassies break through barriers. 
  • The unforgettable experiences and friendships formed in our retreats are born from the music we play and the lyrics we sing.
  • We hold a retreat in the true sense of the word - where you feed your mind, body and soul - to the deepest cellular level, through vibration.
  • We build community by bringing together sassy ukulele enthusiasts and getting down to the business of creating sound.
  • Playing off the page allows us to soar.
  • We have the pocket full of pixie dust!
  • No one does it up like sassies, no one!


Bye bye PowerPoints, classroom-style seating, mental masturbation from presenters, glazed eyes, overcrowded spaces, sitting idly in your chair as your ass falls asleep and your fingers start twitching  ‘cuz you can’t engage with your beloved uke. Shifting from cheek to cheek, you hear a slight, sorrowful whimper as your ukulele gently weeps, “Play me,” she pleads. You think, ‘I want to, but I’m stuck in this f*@!&# chair. WTF? I came here to play. I owe you an apology. Will you ever forgive me?’ 

There is hope. Sassy Lassie Ukulele Retreat in April! Your ukulele WILL forgive you and you’ll move on to a bright, happy future. This makeup session will be less expensive than months, possibly years, of therapy.

The only prescription is: your beloved uke(s), tuner, favorite tunes for sharing in the wee hours (if you care to, bring 8 copies) two bag lunches, favorite beverages, and cash for Friday night dinner and pizza party on Saturday night.