Registration open for our Spring Retreat, April 23-26, 2020


Why a ukulele retreat?

A retreat is a complete immersion in doing what you love. It's like being on a secluded island away from all the bullshit of all the stuff. No worries, no judgement. We offer a safe, supportive, all-women environment that encourages and nurtures. Think commune, then sass it up.

Why only six participants?

We believe people get lost in large groups, they seem to disappear. Sure, the sound is big, but in a small group there are more personable experiences. A closeness develops that doesn't happen in large groups. Small groups embrace the magic of the music which creates dynamic connections.

How is the the Sassy retreat different from others?

Ours is more of a discovery retreat with a community-based theme. You will leave with an abundance of songs, and a renewed appreciation of who you are behind the ukulele. When researching retreats be sure to compare apples to apples, and know the difference. Our biggest difference is that we're a small, intimate, women-only gathering in an eclectic artistic setting. Think couples retreat, where you and your ukulele are the couple.

Can I attend only one day?

We know how to say no. You can't! This defeats the purpose of the retreat.

Do I need to bring a music stand?

Nope, they are provided, but you're not taking one home with you.

Where in Florida?

South of Sarasota, north of Fort Myers, everyone knows the west coast is the best coast.

Where is the venue?

At an over-the-top, eclectic, artist-owned, private retreat property in Port Charlotte, Florida. Specific address provided upon registration.

Where is the closest airport?

Click on this link: AIRPORTS

Where can I sleep?

There are two single (bed) bedrooms available, at an additional cost of $135 (for three nights). Only available for the first two registrants. Early bird gets the bed! Otherwise, there are many hotels and Airbnbs nearby: ACCOMMODATIONS

What's the deal with food?

We provide healthy grazing options throughout the day. We encourage you to bring food to share (this organically happens anyway, well it has for the past five years!) More food information: FOOD

What types of beverages can I bring?

Bring whatever the hell you like, lots of fridge space available. Bring your favorite coffee, we have a french press, Keurig, and drip coffee maker. Endless selection of teas available.

Is there a featured artist?

Sorry sassies, we burst out laughing every time we hear this question. The answer is, ALL OF US are the featured artists. Autograph session by demand only. Guess what, no lines!


We love to travel and we have discovered some incredible community-based spaces. Check  out these web sites, and pay them a visit!

Brooklyn, NY

Make Manifest BK

Vibrant co-creating space and community hub. Cooperative economics at its best.

Vancouver, BC

Massy Books

Art gallery and store with a unique event space for readers, writers and artists to come together.

Austin, TX

Monkey Wrench Books

All-volunteer event space, literature distro, and social hub. 

Andrews, NC

Jimmy's Pickn n Grin

Amazing space at the heart of the local community with live music, dancing, and special events.

Brooklyn, NY

Minneapolis, MN

Vancouver, BC

Victoria, BC

Fluevog Shoes

Nice shoes! Our absolute favorite shoe store. Art for your feet. We've visited these stores, there are many more locations.

St. Petersburg, FL

If I Brewed the World

Quaint, quirky, friendly, and kick-ass beer. Look out for the secret door.

Arcadia, FL

Mary Margaret's Tea Room

Victorian tea room offering the best high tea. Wear your best hat.